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Comoros Casinos

Comoros casinos are unfortunately rather thin on the ground. Not all that much of a surprise
of course
as it is indeed a small country with three main (but small) islands and a number of much smaller islets and outcrops. It also has a very odd legal system
a mixture of sharia (or Islamic) law with bits and pieces of the old French colonial system (otherwise known as Napoleonic law).

Given the small population
their intense poverty (the Comoros is one of the poorest countries in the world)
and the almost non-existent tourist industry
the absence of a long list of Comoros casinos really shouldn’t be all that surprising. The fact that there are any at all on a few fly specks on the map in the Indian Ocean is something of a surprise
especially given the local penchant for military coups.

The full and complete list of Comoros casinos depends slightly upon whom you ask. All are agreed that there is one in Moroni
the capital
on the largest island
Grande Comore. Called the Itsandra Hotel and Casino
it has
at the last count
28 slot and video gambling machines and two blackjack tables. There is also
at least according to some reports
another in Moroni
La Galawa Sun casino This is said to have blackjack
and the usual slot machines.

We think it would be fair to say that the Comoros casinos are not about to add greatly to the list of the world’s most fabulous or best-attended casinos.

There may
in fact
be more additions to the list of Comoros casinos over on Mayotte. Unfortunately
while the Comoros government claims that Mayotte is a part of the country
the inhabitants seem not to agree. They actually voted against becoming independent from France in the first place
so France
kind as she is
continues to administer this one island in the group from Paris.

While that might sound odd
it isn’t quite as strange as what happened in Anguilla
a small island in the Caribbean. The inhabitants there (all 8
000 of them) were so unhappy at becoming independent
along with several other neighboring islands
that they actually had a revolution. It was not a revolution in favor of a change of government
or for independence; no
they demanded to become a colony again! Which they indeed did and are to this day.

while the Comoros might have a casino or two
they are probably better known for part of the country voting against independence.

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